Solicitors Fees

We provide a free initial consultation. This will often be done by telephone or, if necessary, in person. Please therefore do not hesitate to call us should you wish to discuss your work situation with us.

If we take on your case, there are certain circumstances in which we do not charge you anything, for example in a straightforward compromise agreement situation where we are paid by your employer. If however charges will apply, we will discuss these with you at the outset so that you are entirely clear as to our charging structure. Charges then may be made on an hourly rate or, in certain cases, we will act on a ‘no win no fee’ basis and merely deduct a percentage of any compensation recovered if the claim is successful. This obviously means that if a case is unsuccessful, we do not render any charge.

We try at all times to ensure that you are fully aware of all aspects of your case in order that you can make informed decisions. This of course includes our fee structure which is open and transparent.